1. My name is Aivar Sokk and i live in Estonia!
  1. My fascination with photography started in 2002 when I purchased my first compact digital camera Olympus D550Z / 3 MP. I caught a serious photography bug in 2005 when I bought my first DSLR camera Nikon D50kit.
  1. I mostly like taking pictures of nature and individual details (landscape, macro). To a lesser degree, i have photographed other areas as well like birds and animals.
  2. I am currently using the following equipment:
*Nikon D750
*Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f2,8G-ED
*Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1,8G-ED
*Nikkor AF-S 105mm f2,8G-ED VR
*Nikkor AF-S 300mm f4G-ED
*Nikkor AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E II
*Nikon SB700
*LEE & HOYA filters

Contact: aivarsokk@gmail.com